I. mothball moth‧ball 1 [ˈmɒθbɔːl ǁ ˈmɒːθbɒːl] verb [transitive]
1. if an organization mothballs a factory, building etc, it closes it or does not use it for a long time but may open it or use it again in the future:

• The oil company plans to mothball one of its five refineries.

2. if an organization mothballs plans, it decides not to use them for the moment but may possibly use them later:

• No decisions have been made to mothball the project.

  [m0] II. mothball mothball 2 noun
put something in mothballs/​take something out of mothballs if a building, factory etc or a plan is put in mothballs, it is no longer used but may be used later. If is taken out of mothballs, it is used again:

• A number of its distillieries have been put in mothballs.

* * *

mothball UK US /ˈmɒθbɔːl/ verb [T]
to stop using a factory, building, etc., but leave it in a condition that allows you to use it again in the future: »

The factory was mothballed two years ago.

mothballing noun [U]

The local community were told about the mothballing of the power plant.

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